With the popularization of automobiles and the construction of roads, economic exchanges between cities have become more frequent. Car GPS locators or car navigators are particularly important. The 4g gps tracking device that integrates accurate positioning, intelligent navigation, and security and intelligent anti-theft functions is more important. Meet the needs of car owners. Car GPS locator and car navigator are also on-board equipment, and both can navigate, so what is the difference between them?

Let me talk about the car navigation system first. What are its main functions and features? The types of car navigators are classified according to their specifications and can be divided into three categories:

1. Car DVD navigator: It is installed in the center console of the car, which is usually included in the car factory. However, due to the inconvenient installation, inconvenient portability and high price, it is not very popular with car owners;

2. Portable navigator: it makes up for the shortcomings of the car DVD navigator, the flexibility of configuration and placement is greatly improved, and the map upgrade and information update are more convenient;

3. Hand-held navigator: It has many appearances and is similar to the instrument, which requires high GPS positioning accuracy. It is suitable for related professional fields and GPS enthusiasts, but it is expensive and has little meaning for usual needs.

With the rapid economic development and greatly improved living standards, many car navigation devices with incomplete functions can no longer meet the requirements of car owners, and the emergence of 4g gps tracking device better compensates for the lack of car navigation functions. The most basic functions of the car GPS locator already have the navigation and positioning functions of the car navigator. In addition to positioning and navigating, the car GPS locator can also be safe and intelligent anti-theft. There are additional electronic maps, track playback, and track query. Vibration alarm, displacement alarm, etc.

To put it simply, the function of the car navigator is only part of the car GPS locator. The 4g gps tracking device has more comprehensive functions, more convenient installation, and more suitable for the needs of car owners.