ISO 22301 Certification in Qatar is a set of regulations for business continuity management system.It gives a set of methods and procedures to protect the business’s income stream, and reduce the risk of further losses due to an incident or disaster.It empowers the businesses to face the challenges in an effective manner.The business management system helps to maintain the assets and the overall turnover of the business.It also helps to increase the business revenue and turnover.


It enhances the confidence of the customers in the business and helps to gain the trust of the consumers and this can be beneficial for gaining more and more business.ISO 22301 guides the business impact and risk analysis and identifies the events that  would impact the business activities.By conducting this risk analysis and putting documented methods in place,the companies can have control measures that can manage the risks efficiently.It will enable the companies to assess the  risks on a periodic basis and provides plans into place to ensure the business continuity.It helps the business to analyze the long term impact and reduces the frequent audits.As It is an internationally recognized certification many elite companies want their suppliers to be ISO 22301 certified.ISO 22301 Registration in hyderabad aids the business to win tenders and government projects.This enables the business to stand out and have an added advantage over the competitors and increase the overall turnover.The companies that demonstrate business continuity management system can comply with the national and international legal requirements.Business continuity management system helps the companies to sustain and grow in the market.It is a flexible standard and can be applied  to all kinds of industries like micro, small and medium enterprises, large scale industries and non-profit organizations.

Steps for implementation of ISO 22301 certification 


The top level management support is the primary step for a successful implementation of ISO 22301.

All the necessary monetary and human resources should be assigned for the successful implementation

Long term goals and objectives of the companies should be identified.Measurable objectives should be set

The company should have the documents.Risks,hazards and threats to the business should be analyzed and the controls should be implemented to regulate and minimize the risks.A business impact analysis needs to conducted to have information about the time required to recover,methods and procedures to be followed in the crisis event and allocation of the required resources to sustain the business.The short terms and long term strategies required for business continuity should be made.Certain funds and resources need to be kept separately for emergency purposes only.Training and awareness should be provided for the employees in case of emergency.Risk management and mitigation activities should be know to the employees and this training can be provided in meetings, seminars and virtual sessions.Periodic training should be provided for the workers.All the steps taken for business continuity management should be monitored and upgraded periodically.

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