Are you still updating the new leads manually on Salesforce or your CRM?

Is your Sales team occupied with tasks that are not that fruitful?

Stop for a while, and think of a user filling in the form on your website and everything getting manually updated on your Salesforce Platform.

Sounds like a miracle!? Well, this is possible with the Web to lead feature and it can save the efforts of your Sales team.

Want to know more…!?

Stay tuned to get to understand everything in detail.

What is Web to Lead?

Web to Lead is a process where we gather all the information about the visitors on a website which can further be stored in the Salesforce platform as a new lead.

This is overall an easy process to make sure that the new lead record is transported and saved in the Salesforce Platform from the website forms which are filled in by the users visiting the website. With the help of this, businesses get feedback on the products or services directly from the users. This in turn helped the brands to grow in the marketing part.

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