With a new license, you just have to put your old passport photo and a few passport photos in the post at the tax office and wait a few days. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case and major changes to the driver's license system mean you will now have to go out on your own, fill out forms and report to the nearest National Driver's Office center.). Honestly, it's not the biggest difficulty in the world, but it will help speed things up a bit if you're prepared ahead of time to Buy Irish driving license.

Shape, shape, form - Of course, you need to bring your current driving license and if you lose it you will need to fill out another form and you will need another photo ID form. A passport is best, but a valid service ID is also acceptable. A lost or stolen driver's license also means you have to go to a station and have your form signed and stamped. You can Buy Driver’s license online at Official Legit Document. 

Make your reservation - Go online to the NDLS website and order at your local center. Around two million of us have a driver's license, they can be very busy, but you don't have to stick to the closest one and you can choose a center that has less crowded booking times or one that has time for more convenient appointments for you.

Bikes and trucks - If you apply for or renew a motorcycle license, you must bring proof of your initial basic training. If you apply for a driver's license for a bus or truck, you will also need a certificate of competence.

Proof of Address - If you have moved after your last permit was issued, you must bring proof of a change of address that matches your regular household account or checking account but is not older than six months.

Pay the fee - And yes, the painful part (though not the most painful part...). A new or renewed license will cost you €55 for a ten-year license or €35 for a three-year license, which is usually issued for medical reasons. A one-year license (again, usually only issued for medical reasons) costs €25. A replacement or second license costs 35 euros, and a third-party license replacement costs 55 euros. Tickets for beginners cost €35 and an additional €35 for each vehicle category. People over 70 get a free license.