Just fucking take franchise mode back to Mut 21 coins what it had been in older Madden's. That's literally all you have to do. We're in 2021 and the item which you created at the mid 2000's was better than this.

I love how the bengals consistently draft Zach Wilson bc they certain don't have a qb!And this took them 5 months. Can they have one special needs person working on this game in a darkened basement? Sure sounds like it.

Right. What was the initial"big" change? If people can sue CDPR how come we aren't beginning a lawsuit against EA? This game is incomplete, filled with bugs, and treats every game mode like MUT. I would like my CFM to be in a position to have the coin toss, challenge plays when the place is clearly incorrect, or when a participant is obviously out of bounds but it's referred to as a conclusion.

In online games the plays are automatically reviewed to ensure they are correct." If that's the case then your animations and coding are shit... plus they're. This was only a current gripe from my league.

The entire game is broken. And so long as they continue to possess exclusivity there's nothing that is ever going to be cheap Madden nfl 21 coins fixed.There's enough children with parent's credit cards to buy the game and buy mut packs.

The NFL is such a massive Brand in this country that people are going to purchase things which are nfl regardless of quality. Simply because its nfl.And so that they basically neglect every game mode apart from the ones where people have to purchase extra things to enjoy an nfl encounter.