Brushless motors remove the brushes, the most direct change is that there are no electric sparks generated when the brush motor is running, which greatly reduces the interference of electric sparks to remote control radio equipment.

Without brushes, the brushless motor runs with much less friction and is much smoother and quieter, an advantage that is a huge support to the stability of the electric screwdriver.

Less brushes, brushless motor wear is mainly in the bearings, from a mechanical point of view, brushless electric batch is almost a maintenance-free motor, when necessary, only need to do some dust maintenance can. As far as the ease of use of brushless motors is concerned, with the decreasing trend in the cost of brushless controllers and the development of brushless technology and market competition at home and abroad, brushless power systems are being developed and popularised at a high speed stage heavy, which has also greatly contributed to the development of electronic tools.

10Kg Low Torque Brushless Electric Screwdriver Push start type produced by Dongguan Gewei Electronics Co., Ltd.

10Kg Low Torque Brushless Electric Screwdriver Push start type

Special Features


1. Unique structure patented in-house for more stable function and durability.


2. Stable output speed and accurate torque. The motor automatically stops when the preset torque is reached to protect the product safety.


3. Use of environmentally friendly materials to protect the earth.


4. Compact product structure, easy to operate


Dongguan Gewei Electronics Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the field of screw fastening solutions. We are specialist in the production of automatic feeding screw machines and brushless electric screwdrivers that have won many patents from the authorities. To purchase brushless electric screwdriver, please contact us.