best non smart led tv
    Powerguard is the best ‘made in India’ Non-smart LED TV. It is available in three variants – 32inch HD-ready LED TV, 32inch Frameless LED TV, and 24inch HD ready LED TV.  Its price starts at 8,999. There are some other features that you can use in your Non-Smart LED TV. Even if a lot of people are moving toward smart TVs, there many other are too, who likes to have a Non-Smart LED TV.
    By powerguard36 2022-05-08 06:33:06 0 88
    How to deal with the trajectory of 4g lte gps tracker in a straight line?
    In the process of replaying the vehicle trajectory, sometimes we will find that the driving route of the vehicle becomes a straight line. It greatly affects the track management and mileage statistics of the vehicle, and also greatly reduces the experience of using the 4g lte gps tracker. First of all, it is necessary to determine whether the 4g lte gps tracker has been like this since it was installed, or whether it is normal to use it in the early stage, and suddenly the driving route of...
    By yilian 2022-04-20 02:27:03 0 144
    Best Mixer grinder
    Power Guard mixer grinder is no.1 made in India mixer grinder. Looking for best mixer grinder go for powerguard mixer grinder website It is easy to use and easy to clean. Its stain less steel blade is very sharp and fast. There are so many variant of mixer grinder available in website of powerguard; you can buy from powerguard website. You can use it for different purpose like making shake, grind species and so other purpose.
    By powerguard 2022-04-09 12:34:50 0 180
    Which cards are inserted in hidden GPS tracking device
      Little friends who have learned about the car hidden GPS tracking device must have encountered the problem of locator arrears. Until this time, we didn't know that the original locator needs to insert cards. So, what cards are inserted in the GSP locator? Before, someone asked us if sward has a hidden GPS tracking device without inserting the card. Xiaowo now uniformly replied to everyone: sward can't do it without inserting the card, even other companies can't do it without inserting the...
    By yilian 2022-03-17 03:24:53 0 281
    How much data will the battery powered gps tracker use?
    Everyone knows that the battery powered gps tracker needs to be used with a traffic card, but many people will talk about confusion, why does the battery powered gps tracker need a traffic card? Car GPS Positioning System 1. The role of flow Why does the car positioning system use traffic? On the premise, you can first pay attention to the principle of battery powered gps tracker. The positioning terminal is a terminal product with a built-in GPS positioning module and a mobile communication...
    By yilian 2022-02-14 06:46:05 0 413
    How much does 4g vehicle gps tracker cost?
    There are many types of 4g vehicle gps tracker, which are useful in vehicles, elderly and children, as well as pets and object positioning...Different uses, functions, and prices are also different. Now this article will explain how much it costs to install a 4g vehicle gps tracker for use in a car. The cost of the on-board 4g vehicle gps tracker consists of three parts: equipment terminal, software platform, and SIM card cost 1. Equipment terminal price The locator used in the car is divided...
    By yilian 2021-12-15 06:34:18 0 713
    The difference between 4g gps tracking device and navigator
    With the popularization of automobiles and the construction of roads, economic exchanges between cities have become more frequent. Car GPS locators or car navigators are particularly important. The 4g gps tracking device that integrates accurate positioning, intelligent navigation, and security and intelligent anti-theft functions is more important. Meet the needs of car owners. Car GPS locator and car navigator are also on-board equipment, and both can navigate, so what is the difference...
    By yilian 2021-11-24 07:19:02 0 655
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