What is the use of HackWithInfy?
    To test the abilities of engineering students Infosys organizes a Hack With Infy coding contest every year.  The HackWithInfy provides students a platform where they can compete with each other for prizes and jobs which are being offered by the Infosys company.  Any programmers whether they have graduated or not can easily apply to the contest to get a chance for an interview at the Infosys company.  However, it can be only done if the students have properly prepared themselves...
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    How to Choose the Best Web Design Option
    Since I started creating websites, web design has gotten a lot simpler. While some tools provided WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interfaces, most of the HTML coding had to be done by hand to get the exact sites I wanted. The majority of the JavaScript coding was done by hand. Include all the recent technological developments. Web 2.0, CSS, PHP, ASP.NET, and AJAX. Thankfully, new technologies have emerged to further simplify matters. You can either utilize an online site builder or...
    By odysseydesignco 2022-10-19 10:42:10 0 65
    How do you use the Fibonacci series in Python?
    A well-known integer number series in Python is the Fibonacci series. The Fibonacci series in python has an accurate recursive definition and naturally occurs in many issues. On the path to mastering recursion for the pragmatic programmer, learning how to produce it is a crucial step.  You will learn about the Fibonacci sequence and how to create it using Python in this lesson. This article will teach you how to: => Using a recursive algorithm, generate the Fibonacci sequence....
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    How do you sort a stack in data structure?
    Stacks and queues are everywhere!  Tech giant interviews are incomplete without technical questions from stacks.  Stacks are one of the most significant forms of data structures used by developers around the globe.  This article will cover an important concept of stacks that is usually asked in interviews and coding assessments i.e. sorted stacks.  You must have come across various coding and technical problems for different array-based questions like sorting arrays,...
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    What Are Arrays In C/C++
    How would you feel if you had to pick a box of cereal from a supermarket with over 1000 products of different categories? Confused, lost and a lot more things, right! Similarly, it becomes difficult for the user to access a particular set of data in a system full of enormous amounts of data. To prevent this, the data is organized into a group of data based on their type by C/C++. These groups are called arrays. If the term is not clear to you, don’t worry we will discuss this term in...
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    What is circular array rotation in computer programming?
    In this article, we are going to learn in-depth about the concept of circular array rotation, its key features, and other related concepts! So be with us till the end! One of the most used types of array is a circular array. Although there are various characteristics of a circular array you need to learn before you can excel at it. The rotation of the terms in the array comes first.  Arrays are essential to learning computer science and its application in real life. Can you think of an...
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    AWS S3
    단순 스토리지 서비스 (S3)S3 단순화 :S3는 개발자와 IT 팀에 안전하고 내구성이 뛰어나며 확장 성이 뛰어난 객체 스토리지를 제공합니다. 블록 스토리지와 달리 오브젝트 스토리지는 다음 세 가지로 구성된 데이터를 가리키는 일반적인 용어입니다.1.) 저장하려는 데이터2.) 확장 가능한 양의 메타 데이터3.) 데이터를 검색 할 수있는 고유 식별자따라서 파일 또는 디렉토리를 호스팅하기에 완벽한 후보가되고 데이터베이스 또는 운영 체제를 호스팅하기에 적합하지 않습니다. 다음 표는 객체와 블록 스토리지의 주요 차이점을 강조합니다. S3에 업로드 된 데이터는 여러 파일과 시설에 분산됩니다. S3에 업로드되는 파일의 상한은 파일 당 5TB이며 업로드 할 수있는 파일 수는 사실상 무제한입니다. 모든 파일이 포함 된 S3 버킷은 범용 네임 스페이스에서 이름이 지정되므로 고유성이 필요합니다. 모든 성공적인 업로드는 HTTP 200 응답을 반환합니다. S3 주요 세부 정보 :•...
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